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Pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery

Pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery
Pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery – Mirascare

What is Pilonidal Sinus?

A pilonidal sinus is a sack-like cyst that forms on the upper side of your butt cheeks. It is a condition where the sack is filled with puss, skin, hair, and other debris. It occurs right in between the cleft of your two butt cheeks.

When the hair starts depositing inside your skin, it gives rise to a pilonidal cyst. This ingrown hair causes friction that produces irritation while sitting; and rubbing can cause the sack to develop. It is also called as abscess when the cyst turns infected and becomes a cluster of pus.

This condition occurs largely in men and people with an overgrowth of thick and stiff hair, it can also happen to people who are obese or sit for long hours in the office. Truck drivers are highly prone to this condition.

You can treat this situation in different ways, either by pilonidal sinus laser surgery or by using some nonsurgical methods as well. More about which we will learn in this article.

Is popping the cyst a solution?

A pilonidal cyst looks exactly like a pimple, just bigger and you may feel like popping it but doing so will not treat it. Unlike a normal pimple, the pilonidal cyst is filled with hair and puss which cannot be removed entirely when you pop it or squeeze it.

Sometimes popping it will cause more irritation and development of an infection. It can also leave a scar on your body.

There is a top Proctologist & General Surgeon surgeon in Gurgaon who can treat this condition entirely.

Before learning about how you can treat or ease this condition at home, let us see how doctors treat this situation:

The doctor’s treatment

The procedure of removing the pilonidal cyst is quite simple. The doctor or surgeon will inject the patient with a local anesthetic to numb the area around the cyst to prevent a painful procedure. Then by using a surgical knife, the doctors will start making small openings or cuts to release all the puss and debris which is stored inside.

Once the cyst is fully drained, the doctor will close the wound with some stitches or sterile gauze depending on the location and how big the wound is. Ensure that you do a follow up with the doctor and obey all the instructions given by the doctor. The wound will take its time to recover completely. Also, pilonidal sinus treatment in Gurgaon is affordable and treated with the best care.

There are conditions when the cyst appears again in the same place, even after getting it treated. In such cases, it is advised to consult a surgeon and go through a surgical procedure that will remove the sack entirely from the inside and not just drain the cyst contents.

There are some of the best laparoscopy hospitals in Gurgaon which will give you top-notch services and right amenities. The experienced surgeons who are specialized in this field will nurse you with utmost care.

How can you treat it at home?

A minor surgical procedure can remove the cyst but if you want to ease the pain that is caused and get rid of the discomfort then follow the methods mentioned below.

  • Apply hot cloth or a warm wet compress onto the cyst. Do this a few times a day and you will be able to drain the pus from the cyst. This can cure the itching and pain.
  • Take a sitz bath and soak your lower body in warm water
  • If the pain increases in the cyst then you can take ibuprofen (Advil) which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pill.

By following these steps, you may ease the pain and prevent the cyst from getting further infected.

How to prevent pilonidal sinus?

Once you get your cyst drained through a surgical procedure, there are certain things that you can do to prevent the development of another cyst. Usually, people get recurring cysts even after getting one removed before.

Firstly, do not sit for long periods and keep your body moving. When you sit at a place for too long, there is constant pressure on the upper cleft area where the cyst usually develops. If you do a job that demands sitting for long hours, then try to cut a few minutes in between hours and go for a quick stroll.

There are cases where the cyst develops because of carrying heavy weight but to validate this condition you must visit the doctor and get a better idea about it.

Lastly, try to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes that cling to your body and creates sweat near that area. Keeping your butt cheeks clean and dry is extremely essential. If you have a situation where there is a growth of hair near the top of your buttocks, then remove them to avert further ingrown of hair.

Whether it is treating pilonidal sinus or piles treatment , there are some of the best doctors and surgeons present who will cure this condition.


Pilonidal sinus can happen to anyone, it is more common in men so by following the steps mentioned above you can prevent yourself from getting a cyst, or even if you do, the home remedies and medical treatment will help you to get it treated.

But you must have some basic deterrence that will ensure that you never get one. Keep good hygiene and maintain cleanliness, do not let sweat or germs settle near the area for a longer time. Along with this, you must keep yourself healthy and fit by exercising.

Exercise helps with good blood circulation and not only pilonidal sinus but also prevents you from getting other diseases and conditions. 

Remember that home treatment can ease the pain and give you relief from some discomfort but to get fully rid of it you might need a doctor’s assistance.


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