Sebacious-Cyst Treatment

What are sebaceous cysts?

  • They can occur anywhere on the body, but they are often found on the face, neck, and torso.
  • They are non-cancerous and not life-threatening, but they can be uncomfortable.
  • Skin cysts do not usually cause any problems, apart from their appearance. They are usually not painful, but their presence can be obvious to the touch.
  • If a cyst on the scalp catches on a brush or comb, for example, this may cause pain.
  • Cysts are normally only painful if they become inflamed or infected.

What are the causes of sebaceous cyst formation?

TIt is not clear why skin cysts form.

They develop when multiplying cells move inward, rather than moving to the surface

In some cases, there is a genetic link.

What not to do with a cyst?

Picking, rubbing, or squeezing cysts is likely to cause damage and may cause further trouble.

It is also likely to increase the pain and worsen its appearance

When does a cyst require treatment?

Cyst requires treatment if it gets infected, If a cyst has burst or there is an infection under the skin.

If the cyst gets in the way of normal actions

If the cyst is in a prominent location

How are these cysts removed?

A cyst is removed if it is causing problems.

Surgical treatment can include Incision and drain or excision of the cyst.

Tiny cysts can also be treated by incising and draining.

Doctors removing a cyst will aim to remove it completely.

If part of the sac wall is left behind, the cyst may form again.

Removing a cyst can leave a small scar.

Cysts that do not cause any problems can safely be left alone without treatment.

What does the cyst removal involve?

Skin cysts that are causing concern or producing symptoms get them seen by a doctor at our center.

Doctors can help make sure of the correct diagnosis and deal with any other concerns. They can also treat a troublesome cyst without making it worse.

A course of antibiotics may be required.

• Local anesthetic to numb the area
• Antiseptic procedures to avoid creating or spreading infection by preparing the skin area, and using a drape and sterile kit
• Using a blade and other instruments to cut the cyst out

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What are the Complications which may develop in a cyst?

Most cysts do not develop complications, but the appearance may cause discomfort.

Infections may develop in the cyst if bacteria’s gain entry to the cyst.

These cysts may grow in size.

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