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Visited For Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

All of u’ll reading and looking for gall bladder removal surgery, I highly recommend Dr.Mir Asif. I reside in mumbai.Recently my mother who is 60 year old was diagnosed with 03 Gallbladder stone of 7mm each.As a normal tendency of us humans i started to google if i could find any good doctor and even started asking recommendations from friends and family.but in vain. While i was still searching for a good surgeon and a nice hospital,to my luck there popped a link of this surgical center” I was extremely intrigued to open the link and i did the same. While i was still browsing about the centre and the doctors on their panel, i came across Dr.Mir Asif who is a gall bladder removal surgeon. I then read more about him and to my surprise he is the only doctor in gurgaon who performs gall bladder removal surgery with a single precision technology, which is the most recent way of removing bladder stone.This interested me a lot and i was yearning to call up and inquire further. When i called the centre, the staff who answered my phone was extremely professional and polite at the same time.I told them about my mothers health condition.They then advised me to come and visit dr mir asif rehman. After talking to the staff at centre, i was already feeling in safe hands, since the staff was extremely empathizing. I made up my mind to travel to gurgaon from mumbai. My appointment was taken care off and then i was to meet Dr.Mir Asif. Dr.Mir Asif examined my mother and had a small conversation with her.He explained my mother and me the entire surgery procedure.He even drew sketches on a piece of paper for my mother to make her explain the internal parts of our abdomen and how the surgery will take place.I am extremely thankful to Dr.Mir Asif for going that extra mile.though it sounds very normal but for a woman who is 60 and never undergone any surgery gave immense strength and confidence.My mother was convinced to get the surgery done by Dr.Mir Asif. So finally my mother got operated.i was overjoyed to hear that the surgery got over in an hours time.I was then allowed to visit my mother. Dr.Mir.Asif took me along with him to see my mother.I was amazed to see there was not even a single scratch or a scar on my mothers abdomen.I was so relieved. My mother had a super successful surgery.she was discharged the next day.she is completely hale and hearty today. I personally would like to thank Dr.Mir Asif for his immense support and professionalism. “Good doctors understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than their job” Thanks for being one such doc.

– Ritu puthran,
Visited For Hydrocoele

I was suffering from a disease called as Hydrocoele and contacted Dr. Mir Asif. The way he has guided, helped, treated and cared is remarkable. Dr. Mir Asif did my surgery, which was really painless. He does not blindly suggest medicines and tests. He first explains and then advises patients to read and research about the issue themselves to be self aware. Very few doctors care to take so much time and effort for each patient as he does. Even after asking so many queries, I have never seen him irritated with questions. Thank you Dr. Mir Asif Ur Rehman.

Mahesh Ahlawat
Visited For Umblical Hernia RepairLaparoscopic Hernial Repair

A well experienced doctor. My Umbilical hernia surgery was flawlessly handled by his adapt and able hands. A very fine doctor.

Visited For Piles Surgery

It was very good experience with Dr Mir Asif in terms his friendly behaviour, explaination about any query and hospital staff support.

Digvijay Singh
Visited For pilonidal sinus

Very humble and polite doctor. Very professional doctor. Treats you like a family member.

Visited For Fissure

I had a great experience with Dr. Mir Asif. He’s a great listner and asks the right questions and is genuinely concerned about his pateint’s well being. I had grade 3 hemorrhoids I was very nervous because i was in uncontrollable pain and stress but the way he tackled my stress and with right medication and motivation, i was better in time and everything done perfectly by Doctor Mir Asif. He operated very flawlessly and treated me with full patience. I am very much pleased with my choice to have doctor Mir Asif as my primary physician and i will recommend others if anyone face such problems.

Ram Kumar
Visited For Laparoscopic Hernial Repair

What I liked about him was the way he explained me about my hernia what caused it and how to go about it.He gives you the confidence that you are in right hands got my hernia operated and am back to my routine. Would really recommend him to all those who are looking for quality care.

Visited For hemorrhoid

I had 4th grade (internal and external) hemorrhoids and wanted to get rid of it. My preference was to get it done through laser treatment, as I read lot of reviews and articles on the pain less laser treatment. After lot of thoughts and reading reviews on the procedure and recovery I decided to go for it. Incidentally while reading reviews, read about Dr. Mir Asif. What I liked most about him was the way he sounded during our first short call. That gave me a lot of confidence and I almost decided or zeroed on him. I must say Dr Mir Asif is a perfectionist and a gentleman. He listens to you carefully and guides you genuinely. If anybody is suffering from piles/hemorrhoids and want a painless cure, I strongly recommend Dr. Mir Asif Rehman. Dr. Mir Asif I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me out of my pain and giving a new lease of breath and a sense of confidence.

Sunil Singh Rajput
Visited For Hemorrhoidectomy

Having my first medical procedure done, i was a bit anxious but the doctor's well disposed behaviour made the whole process surprisingly smooth and gentle. Will be highly recommending to people who have anxiety about expressing health issues to the doctors.

Swati Sharma
Visited For Fistulectomy

Very polite and humble doctor. Had a great and satisfying experience with him. He is always there to help you whenever you need it.

Jagdeep singh
Visited For Laparoscopic Hernial Repair

Experience was good. Doctor Asif Mir was very gentle with me and I didn't felt any pain, surgery was very smooth.

Visited For Piles Surgery

Dr. Mir Asif is a very understanding and intelligent person. When a lot of doctors were unable to diagnose my Dad's piles problem, Dr. Mir Asif came to the rescue. Also, the staff at Hospital is very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!!

Suraj Kumar
Visited For Circumcision

I would to to say Dr.Mir Asif to help me recover fast from my health problem

– Rajesh Kumar
Visited For Laparoscopic Hernial Repair

Dr. Mir nice as a doctor as well as human being. Friendly behavior & answer all your questions regarding your illness

Raj Kumar
Visited For gallbladder stones

I was diagnosed with gallbladder stones after a through search I zeroed in on Dr Mir and I was not disappointed He is a through gentleman and a true professional gait my gallbladder surgery done by him and am recovering ok Thanks a lot Dr Mir god bless

Visited For Stomach Pain

Dr.mir asif treatment is very gud he is a gud doctor for the treatments m very happy i preffer to all of you. Thanku sir.

Santosh Singh
Visited For Fistulectomy

I m happy for dr. Treatment and behaviour...i m satisy for CDAS hospital biling and appointment....my problem solve

Jai Raj
Visited For Fissure

He is really down to earth and friendly. I had read great reviews about him here at practo. N i was not disappointed at all. He is exactly like everyone describes. Kind, sympathetic, explains you issues, soothes you down like a friend. I was extremely all over the place n he calmed me down. He is even readily available on call for any of your queries after the appointment. I mean, who does that in today’s day n age. He is a rare gem of a doctor. I would totally recommend him.

Ram Kumar
Visited For Laser piles surgery

He is beyond expectations. Am very thankfull to him and his team. Have been helpfull at every stage of my piles surgery

Visited For Laparoscopic Hernial Repair

I am very happy with the treatment done by Dr. Mir Asif Rehman, I am feeling great after the surgery, I got my life back, thanks for the Mirascare team of Dr. Mir Asif Rehman.

Visited For Gallbladder Surgery

Very professional doctor. Guide you through the whole process ,explain the pros and cons very efficiently. Got my gallbladder surgery done by him and thank god and thanks to Dr Mir am recovering very well. Thank you Dr Mir once again

Visited For Cholecystectomy, Gallbladder Surgery

He is very humble doctor . I had a painless and smooth experience.Will recommend him to anyone seeking professional help.

Visited For Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Had very smooth experience with the doctor, I was discharged the next day of surgery thanx a lot may God bless you

Visited For vericose veins surgery

My husband, Mr. Ravee pawar had to undergo vericose veins surgery. We met a lot of doctors in and around Gurgaon, and considered a lot of treatment options in hospitals . Finally we zeroed in on dr.mir, keeping in mind the positive reviews that we’d heard about the hospital in the field of surgery. Dr. Mir explained to us the treatment option. We were relieved after this consultation with Dr. Mir because a majority of doctors in Gurgaon had suggested quite costly and complex treatment.My husband was admitted . We were given a comprehensive overview of the surgery, the possible benefits and complications of the process of admission, the duration of stay, the procedure itself and likely outcomes and complications. The post-operative period was uneventful and my husband started recovering as expected. We’re glad that we finally chose this option over all others. I would recommend to anybody who has been suffering from similar health conditions and want to undergo a cost effective solution .Were grateful to God that my husband is back home today after a successful surgery. We’re extremely grateful and thankful to Dr. Mir and his team for the exceptional treatment and care provided by them. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to them, and wish them greater success. Mrs. Asha pawar, Gurgaon

Asha Ahlawat

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