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Laser surgery for piles is also known as laser hemerrhoidoplasty.If you think that laser surgery has cuts and stitches, there’s good news for you: there are no incisions (cuts) or suturing (stitches) involved.

The laser treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning the surgery is a simple and straightforward one and leaves little scars on the body unlike in traditional surgery.

Preparation of the Surgery
  • All medications are halted.
  • Blood thinners are stopped.
  • Patient has to take an enema or a laxative so they can pass stool before the operation.
Brief Process of the Actual Surgery
  • Step 1: Anaesthesia is administered to numb the anus area.
  • Step 2: The fibre tip of the laser is passed through the opening of the anus
  • Step 3: The laser focuses on the swollen blood vessel.
  • Step 4: The laser beam remains on the affected area to pierce through the outer membrane (skin) of the swollen blood vessel.
  • Step 4: Once the outer membrane is pierced, the beam goes on to destroy the sub-mucosal layer.
  • Step 5: The surgery is successful when the swollen blood vessel, also known as hemerrhoids, returns to its normal size.

The surgery lasts about 45 minutes.

Post-surgery Advice

The patient can go back home two to four hours after the surgery.

However, the patient may be prescribed a painkiller, if necessary, or other basic treatments such as sitz bath. Sitz bath treatment requires one to sit in warm water filled to the hip and mixed with vinegar or salt.

That’s the beauty of laser surgery. Unlike the traditional method, the pain is considerably lesser. In fact, patients complain of ‘burning’ instead of pain. The ‘burning’ sensation generally lasts for 3-4 days.

It is important to know the difference between traditional open surgery and laser treatment so that you make the best decision for yourself.

Open Surgery

Laser Surgery

Cuts and stitches involved No cuts and stitches
Heavy blood loss Little to no blood loss
Hospital stay for 5-7 days Return home the same day
Dressing needed for 2 weeks No dressing needed
Slow Recovery. Can take a month to get better Quick recovery. Can get back to work in 4-5 days
The problem can occur Say bye to piles forever

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