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Why you should not delay Hernia Repair Surgery

Why you should not delay Hernia Repair Surgery?

Reasons behind why you should not delay Hernia Repair Surgery

Hernias will not go away by themselves there is no medical, herbal or alternative remedy available for hernia. Surgery is the only way to repair your hernia condition. A hernia repair returns the organ or structure to its proper place and fixes the weakened area of muscle or tissue with the help of a mesh.

Getting a surgery done is a big decision for any individual who is suffering from this condition. It usually is tempting to put it off. Before you decide not to get the surgery done, you must understand the risks and benefits of your decision. Here are some important things to consider and discuss with your hernia specialist while making the decision.

How is the Hernia affecting your life?

The first thing to observe is whether or not you are experiencing any symptoms. Not everyone feels symptoms with a hernia, especially if you have small defect/defects. The most common symptom to occur with hernia is pain. Other symptoms can be feeling of heaviness, lump and fullness in the belly or groin area. Whether you are facing any symptoms or not, a hernia can affects your daily activities and the office work.

Delaying surgery may cause long time away from your work and fun, which you could be doing otherwise.

If you have any above-mentioned symptoms, especially pain, your doctor is likely to recommend surgery.

What if you don’t have any symptoms or they are minimal?

If you don’t have symptoms or symptoms are minimal even then surgery is recommended as complication arising from hernia can be dangerous and sometimes life threatening.

What are the Risks of Waiting and not getting the surgery done sooner?

Hernias can become incarcerated: 

One of the possible serious risk of not fixing a hernia is that it can become trapped outside the abdominal wall—or get incarcerated.


After hernia gets trapped outside the abdomen wall this can cut off the blood supply to the hernia and obstruct the bowel, resulting in a strangulation. This requires urgent surgical repair.

Avoiding an emergency situation is the main reason not to delay hernia surgery.

Hernias grow. 

The most common scenario is that your hernia will continue to grow and weaken the surrounding tissues as the time passesby and this condition is very likely to increase your hernia symptoms, including pain, and may cause lifestyle changes. Smaller hernias are easier to repair than larger hernias.

We at Mirascare, along with our doctor’s would recommend upfront surgery instead of delaying, which can potentially prevent your symptoms from getting worse and avoids serious life threating complication. It can also help you avoid losing work or missing daily activities.

Hernias require surgery in time:

Even if you aren’t having symptoms, you may still want to consider having surgery sooner rather than later.

Hernia Surgery is rather unavoidable in most of the cases. Research shows that most people with hernia conditions have surgery within 10 years. Always Keep in mind that delaying surgery until your hernia is larger and the muscles are weaker may make surgery and recovery more difficult and reoccurrence more likely.

Your overall health may change. 

Your age is the most important factor while determine whether waiting is a risk for you. Your overall health or physical shape may change over years and usually not for good. This will also affect your surgery and post recovery time.

Having surgery at a younger age and when the hernia is small will yield a better outcome and with lesser complications. Or even if you are elderly hernia repair is still beneficial as it averts life threating complications and will be recommended by the surgeons.

Making the right Decision for Hernia treatment

In today’s busy life any Surgery is inconvenient. Making the right choice or decision at the right time and not to delay your hernia repair will be beneficial for you.

You can schedule your surgery at your convenience with the help of our hernia specialist’s. We will guide you whether you are a right candidate for laparoscopic hernia surgery or not, After Laparoscopic Hernia surgery you’ll be back to routine activity and work sooner compare to Open Surgery. Surgery should be easier on you and recovery will likely be smoother at a younger age and with a smaller hernia.

If you have any questions in your mind or have any concerns relating to Hernia & related conditions, book an appointment in Gurugram, Delhi NCR, India, You can book an appointment online or connect by phone with us at +91 8882 521 281


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