What are the types of Treatment for Piles or Hemorrhoids?

Piles or Hemorrhoids may often fall off by themselves after a certain period. However, this requires an ample amount of care and thorough constant treatment. This is exactly what Mirascare is known for. Dr. Mir Asif is known for understanding patients’ problems effectively and suggesting accordingly in the best manner.

When a patient asks ‘How can I get rid of piles?’, firstly, it is recommended to make simple changes in daily dietary habits and not to strain on the toilet at all. In most cases, you can apply creams or ointments or other suppositories over your bottom that is easily available from all pharmacies even without a medical prescription.

These relieve any kind of swelling or discomfort. The various treatments for hemorrhoids are outlined below for those who often as themselves ‘How can I get rid of piles?’

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Corticosteroid cream

In case you suffer from severe inflammation around the back passage, it is advisable to use corticosteroid cream that comprises of steroids. But this should not be used for an extended period say for more than seven days at a stretch this may make the surrounding thinner with worsening of the irritation.


If someone suffers from constipation then it is advisable to use a laxative. These laxatives are one type of medicine which enables one to suitably empty the bowels.

Non-surgical Treatments

In case changes in dietary plans or medications do not work effectively to improve the symptoms, then a specialist needs to be referred to. In Mirascare, specialists confirm the patients whether they are having hemorrhoids and accordingly recommend effective treatments. Patients who ask ‘How can I get rid of Piles’ get their best treatment and care at Mirascare.

Injections or Sclerotherapy

During the procedure of Sclerotherapy, a specific chemical solution is usually injected in the patient’s blood vessels in the back passage. This effectively relieves patients from the pain by giving a numbing sensation to the nerve ends at the injection site. This hardens the surrounding tissues of hemorrhoids with a distinct scar. Within four to six weeks hemorrhoid can be seen decreasing.


This process, also called electrocoagulation, is effective for people having smaller sized hemorrhoids. In this procedure, a device named proctoscope is usually inserted in the anus to locate hemorrhoids. An electric current is passed on to a small metal probe located at the base of hemorrhoids. The electric current can be controlled easily by the specialist by using controls tied to the probe. This technique aims at causing the blood supply to thicken that shrinks hemorrhoids. More than one piles can be treated with this technology.

Surgical Treatments

For people who ask ‘How can I get rid of Piles?’ suffering from severe hemorrhoids, surgery is inevitable. However, surgery is specifically beneficial for hemorrhoids which have grown below the dentate line. Much unlike non-surgical treatments, specialists use anesthetics to ensure that patients do not feel any pain. Surgery is usually not carried out for the grade I and II hemorrhoid patients, as they can be averted with medicinal treatment and change in the dietary plan.

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy 

The treatment of internal piles or grade III and IV piles which have become severe, stapler surgery is often recommended by the doctor. But Dr. Asif Rehman does not use this procedure as it is often very complicated and painful for the patients.

So, next time when you ask yourself ‘How can I get rid of Piles’ just remember to follow these mentioned remedies. For the severely affected patients who often ask for advice ‘How can I get rid of Piles?’

Laser Hemorrhoid Ablation and Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty

Dr. Asif has been able to develop a much easier treatment and process of surgery through Laser Hemorrhoid Ablation and Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty. These are advanced surgical treatments that are known to be used by very few doctors.

Dr. Asif being an expert in it, in his career of 16 years has been performing it without any complication. This treatment of advanced technique of surgery is what makes Dr. Mir Asif Rehman standout from the rest of the doctors who are experts in Hemorrhoid surgery.

In present times, they should also add upon the question that what is a better method of getting rid of piles than the way MirasCare treats them. As most of the doctor’s patients are amazed by the minimal invasiveness and postoperative painless procedures the doctor uses in his treatment.

The treatment of Piles or Hemorrhoids by Dr. Asif involves zero incisions, wounds, complications or bleeding. The most amazing thing about the doctor’s treatment is that the patient can go back to their normal lives in the shortest time possible as the recovery period is minimal in Dr. Asif’s treatment techniques.


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