How Can I Get Rid of Piles?

How Can I Get Rid of Piles – Piles has become a very common disease these days due to varied factors. More than 50% of the population is affected by Piles or Hemorrhoids before they reach the age of 50.

Piles are caused due to the swelling of the veins in the lower part of the anus or the rectum. The walls of these vessels cause irritation when they are stretched. Hemorrhoids are very unpleasant and painful. Therefore how can I get rid of Piles is the most obvious question in patients suffering from it but the treatment is not at all complicated and preventable with the right medication and choice of doctor.

Dr. Mir Asif Rehman in Mirascare has been a pioneer in the field of Laparoscopic surgery and as a general surgeon has 15 years of medical experience in the field. He has his received his medical degree from Northwest University in St. Petersburg and also completed his master’s degree from the National Board of Examination, New Delhi. The fellowship training for laparoscopic surgery as well as certification for general and Laparoscopic surgery has been awarded to Dr. Mir Asif by the Indian Associations of gastrointestinal e do surgeons.

Most of the patients of Dr. Asif who had been treated by him successfully have always asked the same question to him that ‘How can I get rid of Piles?’the first time they visited him. Dr. Asif has always helped his patients to get out of the painful yet not so complicated problem with his skillful and result-oriented prognosis of the disease for the last 15 years. Dr. Asif is proficient in all kinds of laser surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries and has always helped out his patients to choose the most effective, easy and affordable healthcare for them.


Mirascare Clinic, headed by Dr. Mir Asif Rehman, dedicatedly offers all kinds of Advanced Laser, General and Laparoscopic Surgeries. We are providing all kind of Piles/Bawaseer Treatment including Stapled hemorrhoidopexy and advanced Laser Hemorrhoids Treatment, Complex fistula Surgeries, Advanced Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery, Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) Gallbladder Treatment, Weight loss Surgery or Bariatric surgery, lipomas Treatment. We are dedicated to providing outstanding Surgical & Non-Surgical Care to patients.