Diseases That Can Affect the Rectal Area: Symptoms and Treatment

Rectal Disease Symptoms and Treatment – Rectal diseases comprise a variety of ailments and conditions. The intensity of which fluctuates from mildly irritating conditions that are curable to life-threatening situations. The earlier you treat your rectal disease the more likely you cure and survive it. But many patients still delay the treatment process due to a lack of knowledge of the various symptoms or advantages of early treatment or it can even be an embarrassment to seek help.

Rectal Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Many skilled doctors provide treatments to multiple recta as well as lipoma treatment in Gurgaon. If you are severely going through any of the diseases mentioned below then consult one immediately.

Hemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment

When swollen and inflamed tissues are collected near the anal area, the condition is called as piles. Piles can be internal as well as external and the size of the tissue ranges. Internal piles can be found almost 2 – 4 centimeters above the anus opening whereas external piles are located on the outer edge of the anus. Internal piles are very common as compared to external piles. There are many piles of specialists in the Gurgaon region that will assist you and cure this condition.

The most common symptoms of piles:

  • A hard lump is felt near the anus. It can contain congealed blood. Piles with blood are known as thrombosed external hemorrhoids.
  • Even after passing out the stool, the feeling of the bowels being full is felt by the person.
  • Pain or blood occurs when passing the stool

Piles can be classified into 4 states or grades:

Grade 1: The inflammations are small and inside the anus lining. It is not visible from the outside.

Grade 2: The inflammations are rather larger as compared to grade 1 but it still rests inside of the anus. When passing of the stool they may get pushed out, but they return inside unaided.

Grade 3: At this stage, it starts appearing outside your anus, they usually hang from the rectum and the person can feel it. It can be reinserted through.

Grade 4: At this stage you cannot push it in and it needs treatment since they are large and keep hanging outside.

If you are going through this situation then there are best piles surgeons in Gurgaon who are experts and will cure the diseases with the best results.

 Treatment for Piles:

  • The basic way to prevent piles is by changing your diet. A good diet keeps the stools soft and regular. A fiber-based diet is suggested that includes fruits and vegetables and mostly bran-based cereals for breakfast. Avoid caffeine and drink more water.
  • Exercising regularly can also prevent piles. When you exercise, the movement leads to better metabolism and hence one does not have to strain while passing the stool.
  • A doctor can also prescribe laxatives because that will help the individual to pass stools easier and decrease constipation.

Rectal Prolapse

Rectal Disease Symptoms and Treatment – In rectal prolapse the rectum which is the last part of your large intestine starts to push out of the anus. When stools are pushed out, rectum often comes out with it.

It can be mild or severe. Mild cases are the ones that are quickly treated whereas severe cases require surgery. One can get the best rectal prolapse surgery and hernia surgery in Gurgaon under the surveillance of expert surgeons.

Some of the most common symptoms of Rectal Prolapse are:

  • A feeling of the bulge near your anus area. While sitting you may feel like you are sitting on a bulge underneath.
  • When the stool is pushed out you may a small part of the rectum protrudes out when can be easily pushed back. It is a red-colored circular bulge.
  • Not only during your bowel moment but also when you are performing activities like sitting, walking or exercising, the rectum might come out through your anus and you can push it back with your hand
  • If it worsens, there is bleeding noticed, and consulting a doctor is advised immediately.


  • Include high fiber food in your diet like fruits, bran, beans, and vegetables.
  • Reduce the intake of processed food
  • Drink a lot of water and fluid every day
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Do not stress, try meditation and relaxation techniques
  • For severe cases, consult the doctor and get surgery if needed

Anal Fissure

When a small cut is seen around the lining of the anus, it is called an anal fissure. The cut in the skin is like a paper cut and bleeding occurs during bowel movements. Sometimes, the fissure is deep, and you can see muscle tissues.

It usually isn’t a severe condition when it is mild. It is seen mostly in children and infants because they are more likely to suffer constipation. In most cases, the cut is healed by itself in 4-6 weeks. But if it lingers more than 8 weeks then it is chronic, and you must consult a doctor.

You can attain the best anal fissure treatment in Gurgaon. Several experts will treat you when the conditions have gone severe.

Some of the Rectal Disease Symptoms and Treatment Prolapse are:

  • A visible cut on the skin near the anus
  • A lump near the cut skin, a skin tag
  • When passing of stool, a sharp pain is felt near the anus
  • Blood is seen on stools and toilet papers after wiping
  • Itching near the anal area, a burning sensation


  • Drink more water/fluids
  • Eating fibrous food like raw fruits and vegetables
  • The doctor may prescribe nitro-glycerine ointment to increase blood circulation to the area. Hydrocortisone cream to cure inflammation.
  • Pain relievers like lidocaine are applied to relieve pain near the anus and ease your irritation

A rectum or anal disease is very common, and it can be experienced by a person at least once in their life span. Most diseases are mild and do not need a doctor’s treatment but when it gets severe it is recommended to consult a doctor because when ignored, it can lead to frightening situations.


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