Treatments and Home Remedies: Best ways to get rid of piles

Piles are not as rare as you may think! Millions of people suffer from painful hemorrhoids every year; while most of them get it diagnosed in its initial stages, others ignore the issue for a prolonged time which eventually leads to serious problems.

Bleeding in stool and pain during bowel movements are the first signs of hemorrhoids that demand your urgent attention. You must instantly visit a skilled surgeon who will not only identify the stage of hemorrhoids but also prescribe the suitable treatment.

With a lot of misleading information available on the Internet claiming to treat piles at homes, you are more prone to turn your piles into a complex case.

It indeed is true that lifestyle changes to aid in treating piles, but it is imperative to understand that you cannot solely rely on misleading and spurious information available on the Internet.

So, here I tell you about how to get rid of piles. The excruciating pain that you are suffering can be brought to an end, and below mentioned are the best treatments for piles.

Piles Treatments

The treatment varies according to the type and stage of the piles. For the initial stage of piles, doctors prescribe lifestyle and diet changes. For advanced stages, medicines and surgery might be required (depending upon the kind and stage of the piles).

Again I repeat, whenever you witness any symptoms of piles, a visit to a doctor is a must. You should refrain from assuming about the stage and nature of your piles.

Only for your information and reference, here we enlist the best treatment options that are often prescribed for piles. (You must let the doctor decide what treatment is best suited for you).

Lifestyle Changes

  • Losing weight: Obese people are more prone to develop hemorrhoids. So reducing body weight is a prominent part of piles treatment for obese.
  • Inclusion of laxatives in diet: Eating more vegetables, fiber-rich food items softens the stool, allowing it to pass smoothly.
  • Lifting heavy weight: is yet another common reason that lead to hemorrhoids. So, the people suffering from piles must stop lifting heavy weight, at least for a while.


There are also some medicines that commonly prescribed for piles patients.

  • Cream and ointments: The swelling and discomfort felt during passing stool, sitting or walking, are relieved with specific creams and ointments.
  • Painkillers: Painkillers are used to relieve the unbearable pain caused by piles.
  • Pads: Piles relieving pads are also at times suggested to help relieve the symptoms.

Surgical Options

Only 10-15 percent of people with piles end up needing surgery to get rid of piles. And here are some of the latest techniques that medical experts are using to treat advanced stages of hemorrhoids

  • Sclerotherapy: A medicine is injected to shrink hemorrhoid which eventually withers away. It is effective for hemorrhoids of grade 4 or lesser.
  • Banding: In this treatment, the surgeon places an elastic band around the base of hemorrhoid. Doing so cuts off the blood supply, and after a few days, the pile all off. It is another effective treatment option for piles of less than grade 4.
  • Infrared coagulation: It is a painless laser technique that quickly burns the hemorrhoid tissue. The piles of stage 1 and 2 can be effectively treated with this method.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: It is the traditional way to cure piles. In this one, surgery is performed to remove the bleeding-causing tissue. Only a skilled surgeon can perform it well, or else complications like urinary tract infection or difficulty in passing stools can occur.
  • Hemorrhoid stapling: A lesser painful treatment option as compared to the traditional hemorrhoidectomy, the stapling block the blood flow to the hemorrhoid tissue. But with this procedure, the risk of piles recurrence of piles and rectal prolapse increases.
  • Latest and Novel technique is LASER haemorrhoidal ablation or removal.

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