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Alarming Signs & symptoms of Piles that you should not ignore

Signs & symptoms of Piles that you Can’t Ignore – Laser Piles Clinic

How to know if I have Piles?

Beginning Symptoms Of Piles -Piles or hemorrhoids can affect anyone but you are more prone to get piles when you get older. Persistent constipation for spending a long time in the washroom can further increase your chances to be affected by hemorrhoids. Mostly caused by poor lifestyle & dietary habits, and strain on anal muscles, piles comes with a set of certain common symptoms.

Spotting bright red blood in stool is one of the first and the most common symptom most patients witness, but there are several other symptoms of piles that you must not ignore.

Piles of an initial stage can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes. But if you ignore the symptoms, the case may become complex that you might need an operative surgery to get rid of them. To avoid such a situation, you must know of the following symptoms of piles.

Common symptoms of piles

1. Bleeding during bowel movement

As mentioned above as well, seeing bright red blood in the stool or drips in the toilet or in the stool is the first sign that will grab your attention. If the bleeding occurs only once, it is possible that you had a spicy meal. However, if the bleeding occurs for more than two consecutive days, you must see the doctor.

2. You feel a lump in or around the anus

There are two types of hemorrhoids – internal and external. The latter comes with a swollen lump-like structure in or around your anus that pain excessively while passing the stool. The lump is usually hard and painful that may contain coagulated blood. The lump mostly hangs downwards outside of the anus that might need to be pushed back inside after passing the motion.

3. Irritation and high-grade pain while passing the motion

If you regularly feel pain and discomfort during a bowel movement, it is possible that you are suffering from internal piles.

4. Feeling bowels even after excreting out the stools

Most piles patients experience the urge to poop again or feel that the bowels are still full even after passing the motion.

5. Sore and itchy skin around the anus

Piles necessarily do not always come with a bulging-out lump, but can also have symptoms like sore, red and itchy skin around the anus.

6. Slimy mucus discharge from the anus after passing the stool

Another prominent symptom of piles is the discharge of mucus after the bowel movements.

Avoiding these symptoms can aggravate the piles and further create complications like blood loss, infection, etc. I suggest you take utmost care of your diet and lifestyle so as to keep piles at bay.

In case you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, waste no more time, and visit a doctor.