9 Most Common Causes of Piles (haemorrhoids) /Bawaseer

9 Most Common Causes of Piles – In the times when people have hardly any time to keep a check on their health, piles have become a household name. The sedentary lifestyle, seat-ridden work culture, an increased intake of junk food have to lead to chronic health issues, and piles are one of them.

Piles, also know a Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins in the anus and lower rectum. It is a common problem among adults. They can occur inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or develop around the anus under the skin (external hemorrhoids). At times, blood pools in the external hemorrhoids and becomes a painful clot near the anus.

Piles are not life-threatening but can be extremely painful. If not treated on time, it becomes unbearable and leads to severe complications.

Hemorrhoids or piles are sectioned on a scale from I to IV. While I and II hemorrhoids can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes, grade III and IV mostly require surgery.

A visit to an experienced doctor is a must for a hassle-free piles treatment. Make sure that you don’t fall prey to misleading information on the Internet.

Majorly caused by strain on the veins near the anus and rectum, piles come with a lot of pain, discomfort, and bleeding. But there are several other reasons that cause piles.

Prevention is always better than cure! Hence, here I tell you about the leading 9 Most Common Causes of Piles so that you can be be careful and prevent yourself from this excruciating disease.

Common Causes of Piles

1. Prolonged Constipation

It is one of the most leading reasons that leads to piles. Make sure that you take the utmost care of your digestive system.

2. Diarrhea

Diarrhea that persists for long period of time may also cause piles.

3. Lifting Heavy Weights

As mentioned above, excess pressure on the veins is the primary cause of piles. When one lifts heavyweights, the veins around the anus witness severe pressure which often eventually leads to piles.

4. Prolonged Sitting

Being seated for hours leads to pressure on the anal blood vessels that can result in piles. If same is the case with you, make sure that you get up and walk for a minute or two after every 30 minutes or an hour.

5. Pregnancy

Pregnant women are most prone to piles because, with the growth of the baby within the pelvis, the veins get pressed. It further leads to inflammation of the blood vessels, eventually leading to piles.

6. Low Fibre Diet

Low fibre diet leads to constipation, and can further bother you with piles. A high fibre diet is imperative to pass the stools smoothly.

7. Aging

The risk of hemorrhoids increases with aging, as the tissues that keep the veins intact in your rectum and anus get weak. Now, you obviously cannot control aging, but it is important to take utmost enough care of the digestive system and ensure that your bowel movements are on time.

8. Persistent Cough and Vomiting

The pressure within the abdomen increases because of repeated cough and vomiting. This raise in the pressure can also lead to hemorrhoids. Get any such issues treated at the earliest so that they do not affect your other organs.

9. Anal Intercourse

The anal and rectal muscles also weaken due to anal intercourse over a prolonged time.

People who are obese or have a family history of Hemorrhoids must be extra careful, for they are more prone to get affected by this health issue. Keep watching this space to know more about piles, its causes, and treatment.

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